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Xfinity has the worst customer service I've EVER dealt with!! I was continuously put on hold for long periods of time (hour and a half or more hold times)!!! Then after being on hold forever, I'd finally speak to a human only to be transferred to a different department, then put back to the elevator music with the recording of ''your call is very important to us'' blah, blah, blah! Then when I think I'm going to get assistance the customer... Read more

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1. Did not install all the correct boxes ordered for the cable. 2. Failed to port over phone number in the manner promised. Called more than six times and told every time the number would be transferred but never done. I spent hours on the phone. Took almost a month to have my phone number transferred. 3. Charged for installation and shipping of correct boxes even though told there would be no charge. 4. Had to call three times to get a... Read more

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Comcast/Xfinity seems to only want to charge customer high prices for the poor services, including customer service. I called to complain about one of my HD channels showing a distorted picture and they asked me if the connections are all tight. I stated yes, if they were not wouldn't this be occurring to all the HD channels, where they stated yes. The customer support person stated then it is a transmission problem, I asked with your network.... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 26
  • #907579

I'm having problems with Comcast honoring the promotion that I agree too. I have talked to agents as well as supervisors. I spoke to supervisor Ellen this morning. She is supposed to call me back. Haven't heard from her. I'm so tired of all the apologies. I want them to stop lying. Will someone please call me asap 4044476992

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 25
  • #906995

Was billed continuously for services provided that not only did I NOT ORDER, but NEVER RECEIVED as well. Don't trust 'em... Went to another company

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Received brochure in mail with a performance package with a good price. Called xfinity to purchase. Was informed that this package was not in their computer. Was told that there system is old and does not keep up with new changes. They could / would not sign me up. Great customer service. I would call this false advertising and wonder why they would offer / advertise a program that does nor exist. I am going to notify the FCC as I believe this... Read more

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I contacted Comcast/XFinity by phone recently when we suddenly could not access StarzHD. I was informed that our current promotion had ended recently (no notification from them - other than increased bill and no longer access to StarzHD). The agent I spoke with found us a new plan that he said would include HBO, ShowTime, and StarzHD, but not Cinemax which we had with our expired promotion. I had to agree to a 2 year plan for $178.00/month for... Read more

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I have been billed incorrectly three times now to an absurd amount. I was told that we would pay about $100 a month, but each bill has been closer to $200. First I was told that we could not self install and have to professionally install for $50, and that we had to act immediately in order to receive Double X1 package, which includes cable and internet for $99.99. I said I wanted to confer with my roommates first. I call back a couple days... Read more

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My son got Comcast Xfinity alarm system approx 3 months ago. False alarms started within the first weeks. The cause of the false alarm is a motion detector in the living room. The tech guys never knew the cause but it continued to false alarm while I was out of town, a total of 6 false alarms in 3 months. A month ago they put in a new motion sensor in my living room and again once in that month it malfunction. The big problem being is no one... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 05
  • #895549

Why is the HD dropping out during the opening cerimony of the Rio Summer Olympics

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