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Everyday for the past 2 months between the hours of 3p.m. until my television freezes and unfreezes continuously until I call the 1-800 number to send a signal to my box. Apparently when your bill is due that is not an option because I tried several times unsuccessfully. I called to speak with a representative (i started calling at 6:30 p.m. until 9 p.m.) i finally reached someone whom was not... Read more

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I agreed to a 2 year obligation with xfinity with the understanding neither the price or channel lineup would change... I am a disabled Veteran on a fixed budget (something I have told xfinity when I agreed to contract).. I feel that xfinity basically reneged on their part of the agreement... First my bill shot up to over $200.00 from a an agreed upon price of $185.00 which was way higher than I... Read more

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I moved from one apartment to another in the same building. I called them and informed them of the move 3 days ahead of time. They said I can reconnect myself and call to get it activated. I had to call 5 times. Saturday and Sunday they wasted 1 hour each after collecting all my information and connecting me to Prepaid services. Monday after talking to 5 different operators, and 90 minutes, they... Read more

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Once again went to watch on demand for the evening and it is not working!! Does not work close to have the time in the evening. Add comment

i have spent 2 weeks trying to resolve an automated phone system issue. Comcast refuses to admit that their system is non functional. i have had 3 techs to my home. Tons of phone calls giving my info over and over! keep getting put on hold, come back put on hold. The automated system is not only disfuctional its hard to navigate. the voice system always something different than what... Read more

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Switching to x-finity has been a nightmare! First installation guy didn’t want to climb pole to hook up. I had to go with him to hook it up or he wouldn’t have. The next man they sent out to relocate box didn’t and my smart TV wouldn’t hook to internet. I was bombarded with phone solicitors upon switching. They said it was just because # was listed, I asked where, they said it was in phone book.... Read more

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Last night the service on one of our two TVs went out. Called Comcast about 8pm. Spoke to "Eric" in Mexico; took 22 minutes to establish the problem. Cannot be transferred to the States. After 56 minutes he hung up after saying the service would be restored by morning. Come morning, no service. Frustrated tried the chat room. For 16 minutes the chat did not happen although I was told that... Read more

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The wifi just randomly went down. We tried restarting it, tried fixing the router, did everything, but nothing worked, and so we knew it was an xfinity issue and called them. Since it was a weekday, people had to work, and so we asked for them to come as fast as possible. Apparently, having your wifi down when you need wifi to work and to not lose your job is not an emergency situation. Complete... Read more

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Beyond belief how horrid and repulsive you treat your loyal customers, especially the overpaying ones who gave you referrals. Was at $90/mo for the promo period then after that ended during the first 2 years $120/mo for your better package. Was not being charged for STB's and supposed to not be charged because i purchased my own modem years ago and because they were going obsolete when i first... Read more

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I am writing this review for everyone to BE AWARE! I was enticed into their home security system because they were offering a $200 visa gift card back that after 8 months … I am still not in receipt of. First, the cameras hardly ever work! I have had to have service technicians out her at least 8 times in 8 months, and my cameras are almost always buffering. I was passed around frm 1 dept... Read more

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