Xfinity, TV/Internet/Phone service went out Friday midday, NO dial tone on the phone, thus NO ability to dial 911. My 73 y.o. mother was told there would ALWAYS be a dial tone on the phone. With no dial tone the medical alert home security system is not able to be used.

No service appointments were available until Sunday morning.

Talking with Comcast Internet Phone supervisor revealed there is NO Medical Necessity emergency service calls.

Saturday Comcast called to say service call was canceled for Sunday and moved to Monday, phone is still NOT working and 73 y.o. chemo client is left with no phone service for additional day.

Comcast supervisor spoken with Saturday said there was not much that can be done aside from wait for Monday service call.

Can Not imagine that Comcast really has no medical necessity plan for individuals in need.But it seems such is the case.

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