I think her name was Patrice...she was absolutely wonderful!!! When attempting to start this set-up the longer coax cable that was sent to me was defective, it would not screw in to the wall or device.

Where I wanted to put it , the outlet is not activated, how would I know that in my DIY. Attempting to get someone on the phone is ridiculously frustrating. When I had called to get service, I was requesting a tech but the salesperson continued with how easy it is, just plug in and thats it.

Continued to tell me I could do it and everyone does. If you have customers requesting a tech we should not be told we dont need it, etc...send the damn tech who would have had it done in 15 mins rather than a few hours spent in frustration!

User's recommendation: Undecided...hopefully the internet and TV work well!

Location: Mukilteo, Washington

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