With initial set up OVER AND YEAR A HALF AGO, a fee from a previous account that had been closed and I wasn't aware that I had, never made it to my account for my new service address. I was told originally when I called in to set it all up that it would just be transferred over after being told of said fee.

So when logging in to pay a balance on my bill, I logged in thinking I was paying my current bill but it was in fact MY OLD ACCOUNT that got pulled up and had been closed for over 2 years.

With that being said, I ended up paying a bill for services I no longer had (cable and internet previously, we only have internet now) that was supposed to be taken care of beforehand that should have been added to my current account number. And somehow I have 3 separate account numbers that should have been fixed when I called to get it fixed...A YEAR AGO when transferring services from 1 apartment to another.

User's recommendation: DONT DO IT.

Location: Canton, Michigan

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