I reported or tried to do so about cable being exposed out of box. How do you ask if its cable?

Well it has a splitter had the end of said cable!!! I had an issue with my tv picture freezing up and made call got ahold of technical support and then reported said issue!!! Now instead of sending someone to look at this situation I get phone calls about need to ask you more questions. As you s can see in pictures appropriately 2 weeks now still your cable looks like something from a comic book someone works look like something I rather not say at this time , but you get the point.

It seems that if it happen to someone else’s like if I worked for some company I would get the job done without any hassles. Just to report an issue is way to much for this company then I would ask it to retire. I beginning to think of unorganized company to do is to come out to look to see if the system is all right and not hacked into where anything can happen. All I get is need to ask more questions.

Get off your buts and do your job. I forgot to fell you to zoom in on pictures and see. There I did your job for you!! 330 E.

Enos Dr.

Building Q Santa Maria,Ca. If you look at map before as you enter their is a map of buildings.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xfinity Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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