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Update by user Jan 30, 2017

HAH!This review...

Back in January of 2015 I gave Comcast the ultimatum of "fix it or disconnect it -- either way you won't see another dime from me," it was the fastest service I ever seen from them!

That DAY they had a technician come and disconnect me (01/02/15). When he was disconnecting me I asked, can you look at what services I am subscribing to? He said yes. I said, check it and tell me, is this the right hardware?

He came back a minute later and told me, no it is not. I asked, can you write a note on my receipt stating that, and he did.

No Comcast has me in collections saying that I owe them $514 for the service I received in the month of January 2015, the early termination fee (I was no longer under contract), and for an emergency disconnection service fee. They repeatedly repost the collection request on my credit. I dispute it and it gets removed, then it pops back up later a few months down the road.

Terrible company, terrible service, they simply do NOT care AT ALL about their customers and they seem to employ terrible people.

I would advise to avoid them like the bubonic plague.No service is worth this headache.

Original review posted by user Oct 24, 2014

I decided to become a Comcast (Xfinity) subscriber for their internet being that it is the fastest in the Fort Myers Florida area, though, it is also the most expensive. I ordered the "Triple Play," package back in June of 2012. I added on the HD Channel package, the second tier internet connection speed (100+Mbs down 50+Mbs up), an unpublished number, and a vanity number (239-800-0001)...

When the serviceman came to install our access hardware, I was at work. I told my wife that she needed to make sure that we get the right HD type box and the high speed modem. She called back several hours later and explained that the service person told her that their warehouse was all out of HD boxes and high speed modems, that he would install these and leave us the RCA jacks for the 1080p flat panel.He assured her that the HD channels would work just fine and that it didn't matter what modem you used, you still would get the speeds you are paying for.

When I got home I tested the service person's claims, which I knew sounded wrong, and found half of the channels were blacked out with no video and a hovering box in the middle of the screen stating that I needed to call for support. I tested the internet speeds, I had 18Mbps down and 4Mbps up speeds - equivalent to Verizon DSL which costs $50 less a month (internet only).

I searched for a branch office on Google and several local Comcast locations... All of which were boarded up!!!

I called several times. I got several stories, excuses, promises of repair, promises of bill reduction, promises of refund, etc... THEY FOLLOWED THROUGH WITH NONE OF IT!!!

Finally after a year I reported them to the BBB. The first time they gave me no response. The second report to the BBB They referred me to an alleged "area manager" (for Comcast SWFL) Tanya. I believe Tanya is an answering machine in a broom-closet. I left Tanya about thirty messages across a two month period and she NEVER called back. I reported them to the BBB again and Comcast claimed that "They did all they could to resolve the issue and I was uncooperative." They did ****ing NOTHING!

So here we are 28 months and almost $5040 later and still no HD channels, no high speed internet, no unpublished number or vanity number -- ALL OF WHICH I HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR!

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Lies, Lack of service paid for, Amount of money stolen, Scams, Poor customer service, Poor managerial response, Apathy toward dishonest practice, No options to cancel service.

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