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I've had consistent issues with my service and their customer service. First, I moved and followed everything Xfinity wanted me to do. Regardless, they were unable to sync up my new account (which they forced me to create) and my old account within my web login, which caused several billing issues including me receiving a letter from Xfinity collections because of their mistakes.

When I moved I set up my new plan with them on the phone, which included two cable boxes. They sent me only one box, but billed me for two. I called to explain the issue, the first rep argued with me and told me I actually received two boxes. I gave up and called back the next day, the rep on the phone told me they completely screwed up my account. He could see that it says two boxes were sent, but it also showed that only one box was sent. He resolved the issue over the course of 45 minutes and sent me a new box.

I get the new box, which was an older style box, presumably refurbished. 1 week later it stops working. I was so frustrated I didn't both calling for a few weeks, it wasn't urgent.

Just now I'm using live help on the site to replace my box and upgrade my internet speed. You'll see there are many headlines from a few months ago saying Xfinity has doubled their speeds for some tiers. I told the rep I wanted to upgrade from the lowest tier to the middle tier (Blaster). Blaster was in all of the articles about being bumped from 50mbps to 105mbps. I asked to confirm I would receive the new higher speed when bumping my plan to Blaster. The rep insisted the speed would be 50mbps. I simply asked a few times why and sent over Comcast's press release from months ago. After 15 minutes of frustrating back and forth, including the rep telling me to buy the even higher service to get the speeds I was referencing, the rep finally admitted the speed bump isn't available in my geo. I live in Philadelphia, literally 4 blocks away from Comcast HQ. Whatever.

I'm currently still talking to the rep to have a tech come out to verify my box is broken and give me a new one. She is telling me I need to go to a service center to swap out the box. I've stated I don't want to do that, it's a waste of time, I'd be happy to pay to have a tech come out so we can confirm everything works when he leaves and I don't have to waste so much time. Of course this is an issue... here goes another 30 minutes.

This company really sucks. It's so frustrating that there is no viable alternative and they really don't care about customers at all. This company makes my blood boil.

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Greenbelt, Maryland, United States #809408

If it's four blocks away walk over there and get it fixed !!

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