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every time i try to cancel my cable service, i get offered some "great" sounding deal, which ALWAYS turns out to be nothing but a SCAM!!! the last straw has finally broken THIS camels back!!

my latest attempt was met with an offer of a great Internet + cable t.v. package. HAH!! at the rate i'm losing channels, i expect to be watching only PBS and city government channels any day now.

oh, excuse me. i guess you'll let me keep QVC! THANKS ALOT! i don't care what your "service" rep says about basic/limited/enhanced cable service.

i agreed to a 1YEAR contract, and i expect it to be honored with ALL the channels that came with said agreement on the day my contract began!! what kind of bait and switch game are you people playing? do you think you can make more money cheating the public than you could by being an honest and honorable company? surely you don't think people are *** enough to keep letting you scam them?

don't you want to keep your long time customers?

i myself don't think you give a FIG!!

Review about: Xfinity Tv Service.

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