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Xfinity Store at 133 Middlesex Ave, Somerville MA in the Assembly Row complex.

Accidentally dropped of an $80 computer power cable with my Xfinity equipment return. I returned to the store 6 hours later after Xfinity REFUSED to provide a telephone number for the store so I could prevent pickup by warehouse staff.

3 WONDERFUL employees went through piles of boxes to find my cable. Then over comes Chelsea, with the long blonde hair, and the big ugly attitude, who is doing NOTHING (no customers waiting for service). Instead of helping look for my cable, Chelsea stands 2 feet away from the associates with arms crossed, doing NOTHING. Not helping to look for the cable, not doing anything, because she has nothing to do.

Then she angrily starts to tell the associates NOT to help me or look for my cable.

Then, she begins harassing the employees to stop helping me while standing there DOING NOTHING. There are no other customers that need service, yet Chelsea is obsessed with controlling the other employees and can't stop harassing them for looking for the cable.

Very sad that there are such hateful people. It's so unfortunate that other employees have to work with such a negative, hateful person, who spends her time trying to harm customers. Thank you to those other employees.

Xfinity, why don't you fire this Chelsea. Bet you have massive employee turnover because of her.

Never got my cable because of Chelsea's hatred.

Since Chelsea doesn't work but simply spends her time trying to prevent other employees for caring for customers, you think you would have fired her long ago.

I posted this on Google, and will continue to post this as long as Chelsea is still an employee.

Seeing how Chelsea treats people is why Comcast loses customers. You have 3 wonderful employees and their efforts were poisoned by one destructive worthless employee.

User's recommendation: Don't give Xfinity business until they end Chelsea's employment.

Monetary Loss: $80.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Xfinity Pros: Have some wonderful employees.

Xfinity Cons: Hateful employees who also treat colleagues badly.

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