Every time I have tried to watch something on my "free" YouTube, I run in to the same problems: NO on screen instructions to segue into a show or movie. It is easy enough to GET to youTube, but, invariably, when I try to access something, it is only a preview, and I will not be able to access my choice of shows.

Today, I agree to rent a movie, only to need to put it on hold for long enough to take the dog outside.

When I came back, my movie was no longer visible. No matter which choice I made, I could only access a preview, which I have seen, twice. I have paid for my movie and told I had 48 hours to complete watching it, but now cannot access it. ASININE.

Why is it not as easy as picking up a Netflix movie where I paused it?

I am now on a 10-15 minute hold while I waite for somebody to tell what to do. Get

User's recommendation: Er...get Roku? My son has this and never seems to have this problem. He signs up for the services separately.

Location: Athens, Tennessee

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