Years ago when we got Xfinity / Comcast, they ran the cable exposed across the ground. About a year later, a county inspector saw it when inspecting a new electrical service to my house.

He wrote it up, after many calls, they came out and buried a new cable, but never hooked it up. Naturally the cable started failing recently. It took calling almost every day for four weeks, for them to come out put two ends on the underground cable. They left me wtth barely enough cable to make the run to the box inside the house.

There is an existing cable, that belong to me, that went in at a different location. The A**h*les cut the end off the cable.

I have Coaxial tools for the older style cables, but not this new stuff. Also they stole my grounding rod, at the old location.

User's recommendation: Avoid if you can, but they probably have a monopoly.

Location: Waldorf, Maryland

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