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My father is on hospice. My mother would like to take over his account.

Xfinity will not give us any solutions other than waiting until immediately after his death & presenting them with the death certificate.

No one wants to be worrying about switching internet accounts while planning a funeral. Way to make a horrible situation as terrible for the family at possible & refusing to let us plan ahead.

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Their contract is with the person who opened the account. They can't just change it for you no matter the situation.We just closed down an account our mother has been paying for 12 years still under the deceased's name.It's not that deep.

You have other things to look out for like each other.

Don't get caught up trying to get control of something. I get it, the world is spinning out of control but this is only cable.It's only cable...

to Anonymous #1519949

My mother is elderly. She does not want to lose the phone number she's had for 40 years.

Try telling her it's only cable. It's a number that all her friends & family have.

I don't even have cable (never have had cable.) It's about my elderly mother keeping her phone number after her husband of 55 years passes. I don't think that's too much to ask.

to Anonymous #1574885

Let it be.... What does take it over mean? As long as the bills are paid it shouldn't be a problem and will keep the phone number in the family.

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