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Movies and shows on Xfinity On-Demand start showing, and then just quit. If I record something it often just records some of the show, and then quits.

It is a waste of time and it costs a lot for Xfinity. There is really no way to communicate nor to get any help at all. We pay to get nothing. If you try to get online help it is complicated to the extent that it is a waste of time, because your password or whatever you use always gets rejected.

Nobody does anything, and a phone call only results in trying to get someone to come to your house, which is an endeavor in futility.

A local repairman for Comcast came to our house briefly glanced at the problem, and said, "you need to pay someone to fix it". This is what it has come to now.

Xfinity Cons: System has begun to decline.

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