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This is what i have to say.

1- Very poor customer service and client support

2- Every body at this company breathes and speaks lies upon lies. You can never get the truth about anything from anyone at this company.

Customer service is the worst in the world. Its a shame they call themselves customer service beacuse they do not know what that word means.

3- Theives, liars and a bunch of crooks who are mainly out to deceieve you and put all the blame on you as well.

4- You call them and you are given bits of information at a time, no one can answer a basic question correctly. What a shame.

5- This company needs to be sued for sending people equipment they did not request and then charging them installation and service fees for something they havent even installed yet. I went through this with them.

6- Very rude and retarded customer service agents who don't know a thing about networking or customer service. What a shame they employ donkeys instead of real people.

That's all fokls. Iam done with them as of today. Switching to Roku streaming and saving my hard earned money for something better.

Review about: Xfinity Installation.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Houston, Texas, United States #738761

Xfinity is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They can't get your bill straight and customer service is a joke.

This company shouldn't remain in business they are so sorry. I hate I kept dropping money on this poor service and why don't they hire someone who can speak English and understand what your true problems are.

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