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Update by user Jan 07, 2020

I have absolutely any at all belief any thing will ever come of this that will not cause me further abuses and harm. I’m truly convinced that it’s dangerous and not at all wise to ever have any form of any product that has any at all relation to Xfinity. I am one that can prove what people will be unearthed to believe Xfinity has done to me.

Original review posted by user Jan 07, 2020

More than 40 hours calling, chat box explaining, telling my issue over and over and over. The issue in the beginning of my nightmare was and continues to be so simple, yet I have actually needed to take nitro as a direct result caused by this. The punishment this dishes out to me has actually created immense stress and constant worrying raising my blood pressure resulting in chest pains. Can you actually believe that a simple request, has now led to symptoms and the possibility of a more severe cardiac event if it continues? Well believe it or not, because for me this is the honest truth. I swear to you this is the tiny non challenging request that now has multiplied into a series of inquiries hoping to correct a simple non challenging billing error, now affecting the health of a customer and creating homelessness and risks to health and safety. Soon if I cant get the tiny issue corrected its definite I will lose the ability to place much needed phone calls. No calls to medical services or anyone at all is imminent if its not corrected. This horror film xfinity cast me in has even kept from being able to get medicines for cardiac issues. Xfinity has also through a serious of improper and unfair decisions, some decisions are allegedly of many recorded statement I made and gave approval to take money for. Really, backed by undeniable claims I gave approval says the rep of a criminal enterprise. I listened over and over to my recordings. Appears as they transfer you to more and more operators that allows a bit of miscommunication to become a tool they now use to dishonestly steal your money and get away with it. Ive listened to agents arrogant attempt trying to convince me I said one thing and agreed to what they claim. They dont care if I accept what they claim these recorded calls have me saying. I have always said to them on all of these phone calls Ive Made to them, the one request and the desire to resolve the issue that isnt correct in the billing. Ive been accused of this or I supposedly said that is the tone of every call and Im spoken to and made to feel inferior and stupid and like Ive been a liar and cheat. Xfinity has now taken from me the ability to pay my rent and my electricity bill. 100% the fault of Xfinity nothing or no one else is to blame XFINITY IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for a harmful fraud causing harm to me 100% All xfinity and the money isnt theirs. After being assured days ago in the last call Ive made to the corrupt organization, my account was said to be corrected. I know now that claim was a complete lie which now has led to a fraud and the theft of money from my bank account. A billing error or fraudulent business practices you might ask. When customer service more than three times, as other previous calls the same claims were too the claim by the employee for xfinity. Several employees from several calls assured a frantic person with a chronic illness that only $9 and change is the AUTO DEBITED amount that will be taken from his account, he expected to have only that amount missing. Instead that frantic, sick trusting customer has been stolen from as $152 and change is not available for his rent and electricity and dont leave out the unavailable copays needed to get heart medication at the pharmacy. I am just a nobody but from the laws I have been reading and researching, and from the opinion of a very seasoned Law Professor at a Prestigious university. I believe this can be argued as CRIME and can be proven in the courts within the United States. Its not difficult to consider it a fraud given the actions and the systematic false statements which become part of the immense evidence one could provide courts to prove a criminal intent exists in the corrupt mechanism increase billing and victimize consumers. The lies and threats are a definite factor you will experience while transferring you to other people and managers etc, leave you unable to get anything at all done. One says lets try this in the computer then your transferred and the next days oh Ill try this or this is what is wrong. Over and over and over..,. IMMORAL AND CRIMINAL BUSINESS PRACTICES I accuse that xfinity trains into employees. Its a stretch that anyone even cares about m or any ripped off consumer but I have found many others that claim my story is all too familiar. But wait theres more, because I have a chronic heart condition due to several cardiac diagnoses and My normal capacity to move or walk and breathe along with other normal functions is heavily limited because My damaged heart muscle is unable pump blood out into my body at the volume most others take for granted and knowing that this limits the oxygen level in my body causing constant extreme fatigue among many other symptoms and system failures and challenges I face every moment..... that was a mouthful.

Now tell me cause I need to know.

How much more fight and how many calls and lies and transfers to another voice on the phone do I need Xfinity to get the honest, true, deserved problem resolved? Now its problems xfinity its PLURAL. xfinity has caused and is causing and will continue to cause more horror in my life. You may just ask how Xfinity and my illness have anything to do with one another. This is how Xfinity has, and continues to, harmfully affect my health, my finances and my life. Each hit I take I suffer the fallout and the trail of devastation that keeps coming. I cant get my medications as a DIRECT RESULT created by the life altering decisions and the punishing roller coaster of game playing, manipulating and degrading never ending battles, which I unwittingly became a victim to the moment Xfinity took control and decided to grossly defraud me causing harm in many ways. Im overly burdened and Im forced to deal with life altering changes from the fallout that a minuscule change in a bill and address has. All this because I moved and I simply wanted to keep my service and payment the same. One of the biggest blasts from the Xfinity assaults is that Now im unable to get medications and soon I wont even be able to make phone calls to medical services or anyone for that matter at all. Ill break it down because its beyond complicated what I needed. I was an Xfinity victim or customer in November 2019 and I was moving to an address different from the address I was currently living at. This address I was living at then had Xfinity service. Yes I sort of defined what it means to move ... complicated isnt it. So I of course moved from address A to address B. Are you all Following me so far, I hope your keeping up. But Now, oh no how dare I want this. I wanted to transfer my exact service to the new address keeping the bill the same and I even had the equipment because I took it like one of the Xfinity phone mobsters told me to. Its very complex I know so pay attention because it gets very complicated from here on. For my income and health issues etc. their is a wonderful service called Internet Essentials. This is a service offered by xfinity which is a group of people that are easily gonna fAll prey to the phone operating mobsters and predators employed by the corrupt crime organization xfinity. Internet Essentials is if it was truly available as they claim a wonderful option and Im blessed that I can afford the $9 and change to have a service which has such a huge impact in my life and its an immense asset thats extremely of high value to me. Shopping for food, transportation to doctors, pharmacy calls, banking, online Dr Visits, health tracking, live health alerts, television, Achieving my Masters degree, monitoring costs of merchandise, rewards and the reward apps, coupon savings, investing, crypto mining, trading and so much more. These are just a few of the many things i do that I wouldnt be able to do without an Internet connection. Heres the tricky part so pay attention please. 9$ and change from address A for Internet Essentials, now needs to be $9 and change for Internet Essentials at address B. I understand that was very complicated to understand. Thats the request and you now know its devastation on my life. Ill try again to help you understand. This here needs to go there. Ill try once again to explain it ... that there needs to go to right there. Do you need me to break it down even more or should I get a MIT Grad or some top notch Physicist to help me explain it?

Its inconceivable and its true that this is 100% the only thing that I needed to have done and its in fathomable the events after the request. Youd think I was requesting the Earth be moved to a different galaxy. I swear its exactly that and nothing more what I needed and requested. The events between late November and up until now, should be a true example of what I mistakenly allowed a service provider to do to me and what you should never allow to be done to you. It should also be an example to providers as to the true overall destruction and punishment a person should never be forced to endure if they chose a service and request a change. My bank account is now charged Over 150 more than was agreed to which I was told in a conversation xfinity and I had a few nights ago which I recorded. Yes I have recorded most every call and I best TODAY get the respect Im entitled to XFINITY. Lies, manipulation of my account information and even information once available on websites ... now unavailable. Ive taken screenshots and Ive kept records and I claim FRAUD you committed not just one CRIME and I prey for an INVESTIGATION ! Fraud fraud fraud lies lies lies. Oh did I forget to explain that their are These other odd charges as well that popped up completely separate of the original issue. And Now, a charge back is becoming difficult too as xfinity continues to destroy me and my world by Keeping the lies going with my bank Chase. I have a fixed income and my rent is now late because xfinity took my money, not their money, from my account. Oh lets not forget theirs more fallout in the form of late fees to landlord and power company. $9.89 is my internet essentials monthly bill or it used to be anyways. My bank account was hit with $152 and some completely out of left field amount of $4.86 not once but twice. Keep in mind Ive spent easily over 40 hours in the 5 weeks steadily trying to resolve the issue before my bank account became the next victim. I promise I continuously try and I use mobile chat options, emails and an excessive amount of failed attempts by phone. Over and over for absolutely no hint of any resolve is what I get. I have been explaining my needs and hoping Ill be getting the account corrected for so long. The last month and a half of my life, while as a chronic illness overwhelms my world, the last and final 2+ hours on the phone with Xfinity I believed was at hand. Of course I suffered several operators and 5 transfers and never mind waiting endlessly between it all and explaining it again and again. ITS A MIRACLE PRAISE IT ALL the agent assured me its finally the corrected result and Im gonna be billed the way I should be billed. I must ignore my embarrassment and admit this to you all. This was so overwhelming in a way I cant explain that when the person on Xfinitys payroll said several times it was now fixed... I actually teared up and started shaking as the possibility of relief seemed here and present. Just knowing that the stress was over and I wouldnt have to continue the battle anymore quickly got to my emotions. STUPID EASILY MANIPULATED MARTY.... THEY ARE CROOKED LIARS because The following day for lunch my bank account was hit hard... $152 and for the dessert I was served not one but two $4.86 and 4.86 charges. I need to have it fixed and I honestly am unable to physically fight anymore and clearly I am incompetent to speak or be understood it seems. I just dont know what to do honestly and its immoral whats happened to me. I dont have it in me to call customer service or mobile chat anymore. I cant pay my rent, my power bill is also a NOPE. Ill owe late fees for both and I have 3 cardiac prescriptions I am unable to pick up because I have no money now for copays. I guess Xfinity exists so the stockholders can enjoy a hot shower and other luxuries. I should wonder if my losses even matter because it now seems Im supposed to enjoy and accept this pit of *** life xfinity so lovingly created for me to enjoy and rot in. I realize that to be short Over $140 to many, doesnt cause much impact in their lives. For me though, rent, electricity and medications are not a possibility. What now... should I go back to explaining and pleading and stressing and worrying and calling and shaking and wondering if this time will be the ONE attempt to correct the issue and this is where it all stops and is corrected. I have called and mobile chatted and sent emails too. I have now today started researching top administrative figureheads at Xfinity, also advertising alliances, stock holders, network brass and any possible form which can in any way assist me in a favourable outcome. Maybe Ill be lucky and one of these leaders or benefactors or whomever will be qualified and positioned to dispatch with exact precision the appropriate direction and demand that is needed to truly fix the injustices. Is transferring service to a new address while continuing the same monthly payment and service too impossible a request? May I ask if by me Requesting such a monumental and laboriously daunting task, does it immediately place me in the sights to be tortured or do I wait a few days for another surprise of explosions you tear my world apart with? Am I silly that I I think the nerve I had to ask for that actually identified me to become the new target, the next who will be victimised and destroyed? Silly I know Im silly for thinking a simple request was possible. Silly am I, its clear by the calls I have recorded, and the history of whats happened Ive been victimised by predatory business practices. It all more than easily suggests that I am now by some parameters a easy candidate to take advantage and to defraud. My request is I believe equal to what many others request. How is it possible that So much deceit can exist and be so evident while Xfinitys systematic and well rehearsed series of choreographed events, were used to accomplish a goal which is to increase the amount xfinity will now charge my bank account. How can this be and how can they get away with it. I just know they do it and no one stops it and no one seems to be any help or even cares. No matter the excuses given or any accusation made towards me. No matter if Xfinity claims I wanted this or that I agreed to that. I without fail, from the start of each and every communication of any kind at all, said to the Xfinity monster or rep or whoever, that I simply need the same service at a new address. I now hear them say that I supposedly asked for this new service or that streaming whatever. Seems to me after becoming beat down and overwhelmed by it all... I have become unable to even understand the operators excuses or accusations because clearly they havent understood me. I bet anyone else would probably agree to most anything when your not even comprehending what the *** their talking about as you placed on hold o face another Xfinity mobster. I guess you won Xfinity Im defeated I suppose. You systematically conspired with departments and other employees over time to get more money and to chain me to a list of services I cant afford and didnt want or need or accept. Despite your opinions your 100% wrong and I believe you have stolen my money and caused me harm In many ways. All awhile as this xfinity issue steals my time, mind, body, spirit, strength and my money... I have been hospitalized twice, met over 20 medical appointments, tried to accomplish daily life tasks, tried my best to accomplish any other responsibilities, continued fitness goals, tried to remove daily stresses and damaged it causes. Among the many more things I do every day I dont think Xfinity should get a moment more. I only allowed this to go on take priority because I feared not having the money to pay my bills. Well I didnt anyways they stole it anyways and I wasted every moment that I gave effort to stop this from happening to me. My money budget is extremely tight. Any attempt made I know now was It was harmful to my health and damaging to my life and no more than an exercise in futility. I really gave immense effort and I have failed at being given the respect and dignity others receive from xfinity. Even calling from my doctors office twice and once from my hospital bed, was just more time I wasted. I gave xfinity so much time that I know they didnt deserve... I failed anyways. Rent late, power will cease to find the wires to my address soon enough as well. *** who needs medication for chronic heart condition anyways? Im not blaming xfinity for my failing health. However do hear this though, Without any doubt, my chronic cardiac issues have taken many punches due to xfinity and my time pleading and hoping for resolve is unhealthy and harmful and has negatively affected my health. I conclude that the sick or the fixed income consumer, the trusting naive people that have faith and believe others are more than not, at risk of many negative and harmful consequences you will experience if xfinity products are able to infect your world and compromise your well being. Anyone on a fixed income or anyone sick or suffering any chronic condition need be extremely cautious Im telling you so listen. Know whats even more sad, Xfinity brought nuclear warheads and blasted my world... all this for a connection speed that doesnt even come anywhere close to what was falsely promised. A less than sub standard at best product is the unfortunate thing I fought for. Is it worth it people... please sit from my chair for a moment and answer that question. I am honestly so tired of feeling repeatedly misled, manipulated, victimised, bullied, stressed, worried, defrauded, mocked, blamed etc while I still need the service too.

Can someone please take the wheel for awhile because Im simply incapable of jumping in the ring with xfinity anymore. Their punches exact a massive Impact on my health, my strength, my integrity, my spirit and my finances and the fallout keeps chopping me up. When my chest is carved open; and the group of medical professionals stand over my unconscious body. What should be running through my mind? As these people stare anxiously awaiting the decision made by the lead surgeon. Whether the surgeon chooses a replacement heart or even an internal defibrillator. Or if even, by some miracle, these operating room professionals suddenly

cheer as the surgeons remove their gloves feeling blessed theyve witnessed some unforeseen miracle and My heart has mysteriously become great again. Or maybe, just maybe as the surgeon washes my blood from his hands while practicing the words of death no family wants to hear... No matter the final story written on that day. I can promise you this with all the certainty in the Universe. I will not at all give xfinity one moment of that place by even slowing Xfinity to become even a reflection of a thought. Xfinity has taken more than I can explain. Xfinity youve stolen way too much of my space and my time and my life. I think I have lost enough dont you? More than 40 hours calling, chat box explaining, telling my issue over and over and over with dozens and dozens of customer service persons. Truly, at this point I dont believe any other option is available for my income range to afford internet communication or to attempt any more to resolve this. The issue is so simple and yet i have actually needed to take my nitro having experienced chest pains in due result from the stress that I have been dealing with in regards to Xfinity and its predatory practices. I dont believe that any positivity or any optimistic possibility exists anywhere Xfinity has any form of its existence. I swear on my grave Im being honest I just moved and wanted to transfer my exact service to a new address. Why has my bank account been charged $152 plus mysterious charges as well? Unfortunately with no surprise at all Xfinity is continuing to behave in the same stubborn, arrogant and cruel punishing way it has always by trying to stop the charge back my bank requested. From the moment I attempted to move service and actually even before that, I have been victimized and I admit now I was a stupid unwitting animal being led to slaughter. The new battle is a charge back through my bank CHASE, like I said Xfinity never gives in not even for a futile fight like this. I more than Fairly deserve my money and xfinity is in the wrong not me. I also desperately need to pay rent and pick up medications. Thats not even addressing the need to have the luxury of electricity. I have an external defibrillator that i Wear which has electrodes ready to shock my chest when my heart stops again. I need power to come through the receptacle in the wall when I charge the batteries that power the system and power the life saving system which delivers jolts of electricity and restarts a stopped heart. No power in the wall equals no power in the ZOLL LIFEVEST. Xfinity can I charge MY ZOLL LIFE VEST at your house Or will you pay my power bill? Id have my electricity bill, my rent and my much needed cardiac medications right now If I had NEVER been so ignorant by choosing xfinity and allowing this virus Xfinity to wreak its unimaginable destruction and hellfire wrath of fury into my life. I have a fixed income and my rent is now late as you know. Now I have a partial rent payment which isnt accepted by my landlord and a soon to be power disconnection and a pharmacy messaging me to pick up my prescriptions. And heres another punch too. Of course their will be late fees and Im just guessing that xfinity wont pay them or even think it is any result of their horrifying existence or their concern either. LOOK AND TRY TO EXPLAIN TO ANYONE WHY $9.89 a month has escalated to a complete financial and emotional event affecting the health and well being of a human being simply because a request to move the service called INTERNET ESSENTIALS was made. I rely on this service to have telephone access because I cant afford a mobile plan. I must have a way to call insurance carriers, Medicare, pharmacies, transportation, hospital staff, medical offices, drug manufactures etc. These time consuming calls Is how I spend much of my tine everyday. Now do you see that this has not only consumed my unimaginable time on the phone, but its also threatening to take my only phone option away after I use the 350 minutesSAFELINK affords me. I have only 350 minutes monthly and then I use HANGOUTS after that which requires an internet connection. Xfinity has been the undeserving recipient of far more than 2000 minutes of my time and I am very angry and I want justice. Ironically this horrifying plague Ive faced called xfinity, the never ending battle bully they are, has left me relying on my xfinity services to even call xfinity for any issues or problems or any services at all. A few calls to Medicare or Social Security and bye bye to the 350 SAFELINK minutes. Do you now Understand just how much xfinity affects even the most basic needs I have. Is that money you STOLE from me Xfinity really that important? My bank account was hit with $152 and 4.86 twice and dont forget that Ive spent over 40 hours in a 5 week period trying to prevent this. By using mobile chat options, emails and phone calls exhausted always Ive been explaining my needs and hoping to id be getting the account corrected. Repeatedly over and over and over its for nothing at all. The last month and a half of my life, while as a chronic illness overwhelms my world, I believed that the final 2+ hours on the phone a few nights ago would actually fix it all and this would be the last time Id have to face this overwhelming issue. On That last call I had several operators who heard my long long story, I told the same story to another whoever then as always i was transferred and placed on shut-up-and-wait-for-more-abuse over 5 times. I kept at it and I believed that FINALLY OH MY LORD THANK YOU FINALLY my billing error was said to be corrected and a now a past issue. This was a few nights ago as I explained and I honestly trusted the final person. A woman xfinity pays talking to me actually helped me and I felt revived again. I believed my rent money and the money for my power and the money for copays were safe. This trust in the Xfinity payed whoever spoke words I believed. Its what opted me from going to the nearest ATM and pulling all my money out. Just in case Xfinity lied I was gonna do that but stupid dumb beat down no brains Marty, believed and trusted and Marty had faith. The following day my bank account was hit ... $152 and $4.86 and 4.86. I need to have it fixed and I honestly am unable to physically do emotionally fight or try anymore. I just dont know what to do. I dont have it in me to call customer service or mobile chat anymore because the punches take me out. I cant pay my rent, Ill owe late fees and I have 3 cardiac prescriptions I am unable to pick up because I have no money now for copays. To be short Over $150 in a bank account to many others might not even cause much or any impact at all. For me though, rent, medication and electricity are now losers on the chopping block. What now, go back to explaining and pleading and stressing and worrying and calling and shaking and always wondering, if this time will be the one that Makes it all stop and its now corrected and my bills are gonna be paid? I have called and mobile chatted, Ive sent emails Ive even stupidly tried to actually call the CEO. Ive also researched top administrative persons at Xfinity that might possibly throw me a life vest saving me from the fallout Im suffering from this crap. Why am I even upset because its only dozens and dozens of Calls and only countless hours invested in calls and mobile chats and emails and its only rent and electricity and I can go without medications that stabilize and assist my heart to function. The evidence definitely lends immense support that NO is the answer when I ask myself if I matter and my time matters. Its clear to me that I definitely in no way at all have been treated like I matter to Xfinity or anyone associated with IT. How would Xfinity answer If asked these 2 questions. Is the well being of any human, their desire for a stress free life, their time, their feelings, their health and their life important to your business in any fashion at all customer or not? What would you say about any business that makes choices that make that answer a definite no? Maybe Its just money Xfinity must Need to make payroll cause their struggling to stay afloat so I guess its the appropriate thing would be to forget about it and be charitable I guess.

Ha ha mother fu*^ing oh I dont fu^^^king think so ha ha *** no ha fu^k you ha ha ha!!!!! Not in the future of my cards it seems. I want justice and compensation as well as the deserved services I need and wanted.

You know, maybe I can simply go without a connection and move on I dont need to call doctors or anyone do I? Is transferring service to a new address and continuing the same monthly payment impossible for everyone or just impossible for me? FACT... the history of this horror does more than suggest I am not permitted to get my request granted for some reason Ive yet to discover. No matter the excuses given or any accusation made by Xfinity .. they will say that I wanted this or that I agreed to pay that. I always have explained that I simply need the same service at a new address. I supposedly asked for this new service they claim now or that streaming whatever I agreed to they insist I approved. I dont watch sports and Im so damn gay as *** that this sissy might watch ice skating or swimming. But sports in general, seriously Im truly tickled and I assure you Sports are not on my roster of interests you will ever find Me giving any of my attention to. These idiots have a sports package as one of the many things on the fraud menu they call my bill. Seems to me after becoming beat down and overwhelmed by it all... I have become unable to even understand the operators excuses or accusations. Id agree to most anything to make it go away wouldnt you? With that said I didnt cave like a fool and I never agreed to such idiotic nonsense. I guess you won Xfinity didnt you? You got the money anyways and Im screwed and drowning in your wake. As I struggle to stay living and pay rent adding I got to pay for other necessities also, you have systematically conspired with departments and other employees over time, to get more money and chain me to a list of services i didnt want and that I cant afford. All awhile I was hospitalized twice, met over 20 medical appointments at various medical facilities, tried to accomplish daily life tasks and meet other responsibilities too. This crap with you was going on and has been taking ... STEALING undeserving time and its been granted priority because my money is extremely tight and this issue had to be corrected before payday. I really gave immense effort but now I believe that I need an agency that is A Master in PUBLIC RELATIONS possessing immense power and enormous media outlets at their fingertips. Oh and a drive to assist injustices like the ones xfinity poisoned my world with. Xfinity... prospering by plaguing humanity. I also need an immense law firm that doesnt need a penny that will stand up to this XFINITY BULLY. One which has more than enough grouchy, hateful, mean, blood thirsty savages foaming at the mouth and ready to devour a criminal enterprise like xfinity in the courtroom. Even calling from one of my doctors offices twice, and once from my hospital bed did nothing its just More wasted moments I have given xfinity. Im not blaming xfinity for my failing health. However, without any doubt at all my chronic cardiac issues have taken many punches due to this and it has certainly affected me in a negative and harmful way. I conclude on this topic that the sick are at great risk if they choose Xfinity at all for anything. This also applies to anyone on a fixed income too. These individuals and their families and the planet need be extremely cautious. All this for a connection speed that doesnt even come anywhere close to what was falsely promised in the first place as it constantly goes in and out and never truly stays a constant connection to the internet. Is it worth it people... sit from my chair for a moment and answer that question. I am honestly so tired of feeling repeatedly misled, manipulated, victimised, bullied, stressed, worried, defrauded, mocked, blamed etc.

Can someone please take the wheel for awhile because Im simply incapable of jumping in the ring with xfinity anymore. When my chest is carved open and the surgeon decides if a replacement heart or an internal defibrillator is a possibility to allow my life to continue.. I dont want the damage xfinity has caused me to be the straw that broke the failing hearts back. Id enjoy a hardcore investigation reaching global proportions where it ends with the complete depletion of any and all resources of any kind owned by anyone profiting anything in any way or form from xfinity. I would be pleased to see these people be forced to endure the abuses dispensed by another predator which robs and bullys innocent people like I have been.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xfinity Internet Service.

Reason of review: I have A long checklist of horrible issues.

Monetary Loss: $242.

Preferred solution: Be adequately compensated for the losses xfinity is causing me and the request I have from the beginning asked for. Transfer my same service to the new address where I live. Is this really that damn difficult that now I’m unable to pay for my medication .

Xfinity Cons: Lies, Time wasted for any request made, Taking wrong sums of money from you bank, Wrongly taking your money.

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I had the same problem with them


they were my first cable when they were Comcast. I had paid my bill off it were $68~ i paid my remaining bill and to relocate. so, i moved and continue service so when i gotten firsts bill i question $117in 5 days shouldn't been so i dispute it and still paid by my surprise a week later they sent me $568.00 i was blown away i could not faham


Xfinity customer service is the worst!


Hello, I had been trying to get hold with someone . To get my service back .I had being connected for over 13 agents to get the service .

And none of them knew what they doing . They cut the wires of the pole 3 times . I had been with no service . But still getting the charge .

And they double the price. While I have no service . And they decide to submit it to collection agencies . Whole they have all my gable account .

And signed to automatic payment system .

But they decide to double the price and to submit to the collection agent . While no service.


Yeah, I cancelled them after they tried to raise my rates to over $200. Now I have internet with Century for about $65 a month(haven't lost it once-I was always losing Xfinity's Wifi.) I also bought a firestick and have an antenna on the tv for local channels. Works out great and the money I save over the year will go towards other needed things.


Did you file a complaint with FCC? What was the result? Did you directly contact the corporate offices to complain?


I agree with you! Worst company EVER!!!!


What a dumb ***


We have had Xfinity/Comcast for many years with no problems whatsoever, Our phones always work, our Internet is very reliable and is currently running at over 200. We successfully use Pods for complete coverage for our deck and patio.

Our TV always works and is high quality. We now have Xfinity Mobile too and it's very reliable and costs us under $20.00 per phone (we have 2). We have had a couple short outages that were resolved in less than an hour. Of course I will be accused of being an employee because we are satisfied with our service.

I'm not and don't even know where their offices are. We know where one store is because that's where we signed up for mobile. Just a satisfied customer.

Usually the only posts on this site are people having trouble. Many of us are happy.


i know your comment is a year old now but i found it looking for reviews on xfinity mobile reviews. i too have had xfinity tv and internet for a few years and other than it being a little pricey i have zero complaints with their service




First of all, do you really expect anyone to read all of this ridiculous screed without a table of contents? If you have a problem that you want anyone to read, you have to explain it in a few words and condense it into understandable facts.

No wonder you aren't getting results.

This post is absolutely ridiculous. Cut out about 90% of the useless crap and try again.


I know!!! everytime I turn around I can't get the internet or I hav no dial tone on my phone which causes me 2 not b able 2 call out or receive calls!!!

I hav important calls 2 make!!!!

appointments that need changed & I do not hav a damned dial tone on the phone!!! I am sick of it with this company & I am not gonna pay the amount in a bill they want when I am having this kind of *** go on constantly with them!!!!!!!!!!

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