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Your system to get help or talk with customer service is not user friendly took way too long to get someone but when I finally did it was a pleasure got the help I needed quickly just wish you could make it easier for folks that aren't technically inclined some people need simple solutions we aren't able to use or understand the lingo thank you

User's recommendation: Get service tech to hook you up.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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When calling for help or discuss your bill, this automation system is not for seniors. They want to send texts instead of letting you speak to an agent.

When do finally get to an agent, I think the lady was Asia and I could not really understand what she was saying. Then to confirm what she is telling me, she needs to send a text or an email. I chose for email, which the email did not open for me to review what I think we discuss, now I have to wait for her to call me back tomorrow, The worst costumer service. Need to do better toward your seniors.

Now I get a message to say the will be working on the service from 12 to 5am and if it does not work to restart the box. I am an SENIOR, I can not get on my knees to restart any box

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