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We have basic service of 124 plus 75.00 added for taxes and fees.

We have horrible channels and pay additional for STARZ which repeats the same movies every month. They say we have 140 channels, but we only watch probably 20 channels out of the 140.

Several channels are crime, murder, greed, corruption, more channels are music, which we never listen to, a few are home shopping network, a few are in spanish with no subtitle capabilities, so I could at least watch or learn spanish. We cannot get a reduced price on the internet. I think we pay 59 a month for it, but there is no breakdown of what we pay for TV, internet or the phone line. Trouble with packages with cable is if the wifi goes down, everything goes down, there is no emergency telephone service with xfinity.

xfinity claims all of these things, but it is all a bunch of lies. the trouble is that none of the other providers are any better. you can spend hours on the phone and i mean literally hours and end up with nothing, oh they are so polite and nice and tolerate your frustration and literally do nothing. another company form of corruption and fraud.

it is called smiling faces lie.

this is the new business strategy, they will waste your time, oh so nice and understanding and do absolutely nothing or change anything when you hang up the phone 1 hour to 2 hours later. when that stops working, there will be another psychological manipulation to take advantage of US citizens.

User's recommendation: be ready for change, use alternatives, stop using big box, main stream of anything, tv, phone, internet and support and make these alternatives better.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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