charged $100 for using "too much data". No notice of $100 fee in advance; no notice that you can block things; no notice that you can pay additional $11/mo to avoid $100 fee; no notice.

No explanation.

I was told when I got service that if I went over it was not a problem, they would charge $10 for the next 50gb of data; no worries. That was wrong info apparently and I don't have it in writing; just in my notes.

Asked if this could or would happen every month -charging $100 for a small overage (1 or 2 days), I was told "yes" unless I agreed to pay an additional monthly fee of $15. We apparently use all data. I don't know how to check data.

They don't tell me how much data I used or how much "extra" data I use.

And, there is no way to verify if the numbers are correct. I must believe them.

User's recommendation: find another company; don't trust xfinity; terrible service; on hold 4 hours!

Location: San Pablo, California

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