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Cannot get internet to work with bew router

Told wrong price. Quoted 45 not 65. This is rip off. You should stand behind quoted prices. Hope someone sues you.
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Promises made not keep

My name is Katherine Olivo. Ive spent several hours between being in the store, speaking to people online another word instant messaging also speaking over the phone. I put hours into it to getting help. My iPh. I had an iPhone 13 the first person I spoke to said dont worry just let me know what store you going to go to will take care of this Sounds great so I go there theres no problems exact the amount I owed for the you have to pay some kind of deposit when they were placing your phone on so it was like 70 something dollars I had paid half and he was nice blue not as the first time visit was great and gave me a phone Tuesday the next day I said Ill be back in to pay the rest which I was and Im less than 24 hours later I was had to return the phone and pick up the phone I was promised by two people at this point so the phone that was given to me to use is not one that I picked out to use. They told me was temporary and it was even listed as a temporary phone when I went the second time to pick up the phone not only to tell me that I needed to pay him another $70 and he will give me the phone Then he told me sorry but you bought that phone and this phone I dont know its an iPhone, third generation or something its a lot different to use than the one I was used to, and took forever to pay off, this was reported to the police in Weymouth, Massachusetts . I had a flying on a very easy road and cars coming from every which way I wasnt worried about which way my phone went at that time but when I went to look for it because after I got a grip, I was in a lot of pain because I have did sprained my ankle on my wrist , but that is irrelevant to the story honestly. I just kept ringing I had someone calling it just kept ringing couldnt find it for some reason it wasnt showing up on the Apple binder but when older older Apple phones I had did pop up I dont know if they said I didnt have some kind of button to show where my phone was on but that wasnt gonna be a problem I was going to get the same phone And no big deal OK so now I go back to store. I told you that guy not only was he so rude he actually I mean the way he treated me he treated me like that in front of a bunch of people I couldnt come up with my iPad and Apple ID fast enough. Well if you dont have that after like maybe five seconds, hes like I cant help you sorry it was like he was trying to find a rich way where I would owe more money that I had to pay for this nobody had ever mentioned any of that to me when I had spoken to Customer service , OK I told him listen the reason why I need the bone and theres a serious situation. Im in the middle of waiting to hear from lawyers due to a trial that I have to be at and its a situation. I dont wish on anybody but I have to face the man who brutally murdered my 21 year old daughter so its very important that I can keep the same number and I just bought the same phone that I paid for insurance and everything and they just told me no problem and then they said they had it on order and they would have it sent next day air And not everything changed and I was on and I couldnt for whatever reason and then OK yeah I will order one but then youre gonna have to pay a little bit a month but will make sure that you dont have it will take care of it this month so that way Ill do everything youve been through the money you paid And they never paid you back and youre using a phone you didnt even pick out were gonna make sure that we take care of your bill and will set up a phone to set out to you now this order has been pending and when I look at my phone its for the same phone they already gave me at five for the 13 that I went through and went and spent time going, you know through the phone with some guy one of your representatives . I had spoken to so many representatives and less protestant way. I believe it was Saturday, Friday or Saturday where I lost the ability to use my phone entirely because they were trying to port the number over and they locked my Sim card. I live alone Im disabled I mean I am not super old but the loss of my daughter I have PTSD and lets just put it this way. I took everything I had because I was treated so horribly in that store , the customer service they were a lot nicer over the phone except I was hung up. I was hung up on twice by two different people and I did say to them listen Im frustrated but I know youre trying to do your job I was never me not even to the person in the store I try to remain respectful towards everybody in route and I reminded them they really should go by their word, because I am not only been told Im only one person and I pay the money I know for the phone I didnt even choose like I dont understand what what happened here I want to buy spent hours hours on the phone and in that store I dont buy couldnt even go on App Store again I was chilling modified, and I was trying to just maintain and his humility I had left. if you want to know how I felt I was here like by couple of different wraps one was from the store and one was a customer service helpline almost as if I was stealing like I was trying to do something illegal and I didnt appreciate that until they realize that I wasnt there. You know one of them did change him was a little bit nicer, but I had never been treated like that Now Ive been so happy I have your Internet service. Im getting ready to move into a different apartment soon and I wanted to add cable and Im new to Massachusetts so this service is new to me but I heard so many good things about it and Ive had nothing not nothing since I changed my phone nothing but problems and all Im saying as you cannot say one thing to somebody and then tell them theres an order in and theyre going to send it overnight to sorry thats the other phone you have is what you end up with , I hope somebody here that reads this message can help me in this matter because I spent so much time I have less than three weeks to move and I spent days trying to figure out this phone situation and lost a lot of time packing and due to the stress like I lost sleep and that is affecting my performance on my schedule and what I need to get done This whole thing has been utterly disturbing to say the least. Please let me know there was some custom representatives that really did try to do the best they could but they need that I didnt have the ability to help but they tried their best and I appreciate them for that but as far as being told things that never happened and then I pay money for it and end up with a phone, that is nothing to what Im used to and I paid so much for I mean, you cant say yes and then no thats a horrible practice so I hope somebody that does read this can help me in this matter. Thank you very much. Also, I want to make no I dont know whats going on in the system at one point they had me as having one phone two phones and they were sending me a third phone. I have a one line and its supposed to be for an iPhone 13 but I dont have any marks its got stolen and Id like the company to standby that word I mean they had sent me to the store to go get the phone and I look like an idiot, but I wasnt that woman spot. I just want to say that she really was trying to help. Katherine Olivia Lets put it this way. As of right now Im paying for a phone I did not choose. Can I put money down on a different one and they gave me a phone as I was only gonna have a 24 hours I was supposed to go pick it up at the store theyre going to send one overnight so now I still have this phone they tell me I cant have the other phone and I never even picked out this phone. I lost my phone. They told me get a replacement when they said after three people said yes then I said OK well Ill trade in something for a new one and Ill just pay them off because I was released that phone and they were supposed to send that one out. I still havent gotten it so now I have to make like at least the 10th phone call Im not exaggerating Ive spoken to several people been to the store twice and spent about four or five hours in the store just at South and thats not including Im not including talk time on the phone or chat on the Internet I had Customer service buy chat twice. Yet they keep telling me OK Im gonna send this phone to you and they have me charged. They had the phone they going to send the same phone that I never picked. They have me down for three lines when I only have one they were supposed to correct that and they still havent even done that.
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I am disgusted with the lack of customer service/2023. Been a good customer for over 16 yrs and that use to mean something. Calling and hope to get an American too.


Agree entirely. Being a loyal customer does not matter anymore.

They don't care if you pay on time. They are quick to take your money and slow to offer reasonable prices, etc.

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Accidentally paid someone else's account and I did NOT get wifi