I had been waiting a week for the technician to come install my service after I spent 3 hours and 8 minutes on the phone with them last Tuesday followed by an agent not calling back when he said he would. It went from bad to worse to appalling.

Finally, today I got a decent human being on the phone, one who was not only empathetic but understood the meaning of customer service which does not exist at Xfinity. The guy who blew me off last week actually had the nerve to tell me Comcast recognized their poor reputation and was actually making an effort to reverse the perception. It was so important for him to share this with me only, so he could blow me off and waste my time even more. How is it possible that one person would need to speak to 6 people over a 3-hour call, and they still screw it up.

I can't even believe that they are not ashamed of this behavior that happens time and again. I have no choice, its Xfinity or nothing which, by definition, is a monopoly, but they use choice words and manipulation to redefine the law. Whomever the leadership is of this company should be embarrassed that they allow this to happen year after year. It's not a once in a while occurrence, I have not heard a good story about Comcast in the 13 years I've lived in this area.

I loved ATT when I lived in a place that could avoid Comcast. Comcast should take heed and pay attention to their appalling reputation and what a disgrace they are.

User's recommendation: Avoid at all costs, don't waste your time or money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xfinity Customer Care.

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