At this point, there is no issue. When I cantacted them we had lost internet but trying to get assistance is a nightmare.

Turns out, it was a planned outage to connect new feeds to our neighborhood. There was no notice to anyone effected in our neighborhood. Your automated system has a few issueslisted, 90% of the time have nothing to do with the problem I am having. The only way to get a live person is to have the system do a reboot and then wait for a call.

I know how to reboot and always try that first to see if it helps. The only reason I have not switched is I have Roku TVs and do not need a box to run them so your Xfinity Beta app is helpful.

I am looking into how I can do the same with Verizon and if I can, I will switch and continue to bad mouth Xfinity every chance I get. They said I would receive a credit for the lost day, but can't even tell me what that credit would be.

User's recommendation: Change to another service if at all possible.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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