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Xfinity Mobile is holding my property hostage

I have been an Xfinity customer for at least 4 years and a comcast customer for decades. I have had some issues with them in the past but nothing like what happened over the last few weeks.

It all started when I decided that I would replace two iphone 8 cell phones with two iphone 12 phones as holiday gifts.

I ordered the phones online and it was quick and easy. Then the phones came in the mail and I followed directions to back up my current phones to the cloud and then transfer my phone numbers to the new phone and this process was quick and easy.

Then I went to a xfinity store to return a modem and while I was there I asked what the trade in value of my old phones were and they said like $91 or 97 dollars and that it would take weeks for me to receive my money. Then I looked online and it seemed that I could make more money faster if I tried to sell the phones myself. Since these phones were paid in full they were my property and my choice.

Or at least that is what I thought and that is when the nightmare began.

Now I did realize that my property was tethered to xfinity mobile even though the phones are technically my property. It is like taking out a loan to buy a car once you pay off the loan instead of being free and clear you would have to get permission from the bank for someone to register the car in a different state. So only people living in Massachusetts would be able to use the phone.

Once I figured out that my phones need to be unlocked before they could be used by any carrier that is when my nightmare began.

My ordeal started on Friday January 2021 and as of Wed Jan 13th 2021 I still have not been able to get xfinity to unlock the phones. I have been trying to get a transaction done and it has been the worst of my life.

Let me recap why.

First of all it is difficult to actually find the customer service number, never mind the hoops you need to jump through to speak to a live human. The automated voice system tries to get you to hang up and use another automated tool.

But to unlock a phone you have to speak to a human. If you go to a xfinity store and try to speak to a human there they cannot help. If you get a customer service rep live on the phone they cannot help.

If you speak to a human via live chat they also cannot help.

Once I jump through the various hoops to speak to a live human they will eventually tell me that they cannot help because my old phones no longer appear as active on my account and they will transfer me to an automatic waiting room where the recording states due to high volume your wait time is greater than 100 minutes and that you might want to call back.

I did call back on Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue and again on Wed. and waited at least two hours each time I still could not get through. Ironically as I waited on hold a message plays stating that xfinity mobile was rated # 1 by The American Customer Satisfaction Index what a joke!

I then decided to go into an Xfinity store and try a different solution.

What if I added the iphone 8s back onto my account then they would be active on my account and the instore agent would be able to unlock the phones and then remove them from my account.

So now I cannot sell my phones to anyone because they are attached to my account and I could not trade them in because he put my phones in as bring your own device even though I purchased the phones through Xfinity to start with.

Before we tried this solution I could have tried to sell the phones to someone willing to use Xfinity mobile or Verizon as their carrier.

To add insult to injury there is no way to contact someone via email at the xfinity corporation to try and get this issue resolved as far as I know. Holding someone's property seems wrong and borderline criminal behavior by this faceless corporation.

I feel helpless, frustrated and exhausted but maybe this will help others always get your phone unlock before upgrading it

User's recommendation: always get your phone unlocked before upgrading it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xfinity Apple Cell Phone Upgrade.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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