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I know you probably don't care but I witness one of your drivers speeding in a school zone under a FLASHING YELLOW LIGHT I blew the horn at him in *** he would slow him down but no it did not!!! just so happens I notice he turned down my street and pulled over in my drive way I know he was shock to see me pull in as well.

I asked him why he felt the need to speed in a school zone his stupid answer was the cross walk lights were green . I told him yes they only turn yellow and red when kids are crossing as if he didn't know then he tried to say he was only doing 20mph I told him that's why everyone else was going slower. Being an ex-police officer I had wished I would not be retired because I would have surely messed his day up with a heavy fine. Told because sorry people like him that feel they are above the law is why one of my nephews is laving in a grave.

MY question is does Xfinity tolerate breaking the law of there drivers?

When he ends up killing a child will our rates go up because they didn't care. BTW his number on his van was 19471 this happen on 10/19/2018 at 3:10 PM

Reason of review: Driver lack of caring of other life.

I liked: Xfinity.

I didn't like: Uncaring drivers on the road.

  • Uncaring Drivers
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