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Comcast XFinity

I have never in my life encountered a company with such incompetent phone customer service technicians (30-45 mins with a customer service technician for a simple question!! Ridiculous! It can only be intentionally induced aggravation and misdirection.)

Original review posted by user May 07, 2013

I called Comcast Xfinity customer support line to simply add & activate my own modem to my account. Boy, I was wrong thinking it'll be quick since I've already hooked up everything.

The first customer support rep transferred me to an Internet tech support center tech (operator ID R4W) who re-took all my acct info and put me on hold for about 25 min or more and asked me the basic info off the modem and put on hold again for another 15 min only to tell me that she can't activate it & without any explanations supposedly transferred me to another expert after wasting 45min or more of my time. After another 15min of hold during the transfer, a tech answered only to inform me that he is a cable box support tech and I shouldn't have been transferred to him, therefore transferred me back to the internet tech support center. The 2nd internet tech (operator ID RXL) who was impolite from the start took my acct info and told me to hold while she update my account info. She gets back to me after 30min on hold and while giggling told me my account is locked by another tech and there is nothing she can do for me now, call back later.

I asked if she can contact the other tech who supposedly locked my account, because I’m tired of waiting and need to get this simple issue resolved or get some sort of an answer, which at that point she remained silent then played a tone which I can only assume a cell phone ring tone and rudely hand hand-up on me.I called back for a third time & a customer rep transferred me again to an internet support tech (John, Operator ID GT6) which whom I requested of to be transferred and speak with a supervisor. He took my basic account info and put me on hold while he supposedly looks for a supervisor. About 25 min or more later, he himself picked up again and said he can try to assist me while we wait for his supervisor which I agreed too since I’m simply looking for a solution even though I was frustrated and furious by that point. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, gave John all the info again, then he claimed that he needed to add this info into my account which I told him the previous tech’s I spoke with should have done that already.

He asked me to give him a min or 2 to check and took 15min before getting back to me only to ask me the same info again which at that point I asked the status of the supervisor. He put me on hold again to check. I had a feeling he is toying with me hoping that I’ll get tired and hand up, thus while holding, using another phone called the Comcast customer support line and asked to directly speak to a supervisor which after several minutes got through a supervisor named Robin. He was by far a much professional and courteous person and asked me what the problem was and apologized for all this inconvenience.

He informed me that he’ll not put me on hold as will remain on the line until this issue is completely resolved a tech. After several attempts he informed me that he does not want to take any more of my time and will send a tech to my home to fix this issue the next morning. I appreciated his approach and courtesy as well as keeping me informed of the status of the progress, unlike the other incompetents who rudely put me on hold for several minutes while only God knows what they were doing in the meantime.

By the way, the other tech (John Operator ID GT6) who had put me on hold to supposedly get me a supervisor answered after several minutes later which by then I had almost concluded my call with supervisor Mr. Robin, so I simply handed up on him.I must say, after being with Comcast for years, this experience has definitely has changes my view about Comcast.

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