I either called or chatted most every day for one week in order to get my Xfinity service going. It finally took Nina out of Indiana to recognize that my modem was not completely set up by asking the simple question "do I have an Xfinity remote" and I told her no.

She apparently then realized that everything was not set up as it should have been as I was only streaming tv. But, my question is, why in the world do you have employees overseas who cannot speak good English, to try and help and I either could not understand them, nor could I hear them properly because of the accent. I simply resent that. I'm an older person with a hearing issue anyway, but when I chatted a couple of times with a few folks from somewhere overseas, I just could not understand their English.

I find that very, very frustrating to say the least and that they pressed me to let me let them help me, only to spend an hour on the phone to get nowhere. I am, still upset, that this process was so chaotic. I do not know if I would recommend Xfinity to anyone due to this mess I was in, because you know that word travels fast by talking to others. My TV streaming service is ok for now, but only due to Nina in Indiana, who was very very kind and patient with me.

But, one thing for sure, I could understand Nina, she did not have a foreign accent that was hard to decipher, and she definitely resolved my problem. I very very much appreciated her, but I will say, I was very very hesitant to call again that Monday because of my past week's experience with several members of your staff. I even had one lady tell me she was going to call me back, but, of course, she never did.

I do not understand why you do not hire capable, understandable people right here in the United States. We need to get back to people helping people who live right here in the United States and are United States Citizens.BeB

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