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This is what irritated the *** out of me this this morning. Xfinity has trained their online chat staff to just waste your time. Read the conversation below and see for yourself:

Ashley: Hi, thanks for shopping Xfinity my name is Ashley. Do you have any questions about our products or services that I can help answer?

You: I am shopping for tv and fast internet together. what do you recommend

Ashley: I’d be glad to help you look for the best Internet and TV package that suits your needs.

Ashley: Do you mind if I ask a few questions to make sure we get the best TV and Internet package that suits your needs?

You: Go ahead, ask

Ashley: Just to check before we move on, are you a current Xfinity customer or have you had Xfinity service in your name within the last 120 days?

You: No, I am not

Ashley: Thank you for considering Xfinity as your future provider.

You: Alright, what do you recommend?

Ashley: As I've checked, the website indicated your address as "deleted". Just to clarify, would that be correct?

You: Yes, it is correct

Ashley: Thank you for clarifying.

Ashley: To better assist you with our TV plans, may I ask what channels are essential to you to assist in finding the best package for your household?

You: I have no kids to worry about, they are all off to college. I will need no more that 80 channels to include local channels

Ashley: Just to clarify, are you looking to have ESPN, AMC, Fox News, CNN, Food Network, Nick Jr., NFL Network or Encore?

You: No, I don't need any of those channels. Only Encore and cinemax if offered.

Ashley: Nice selection! With Xfinity On Demand free for XFINITY TV customers, you'll be able to watch the latest episodes of your favorite shows ready to watch when you are at no additional cost!

Ashley: How many TVs would you like service on? Are you looking to add HD or DVR services?

You: three TVs and a DVR that records shows and watch on any other TVs

Ashley: May I ask who you currently have your TV service with?

You: God!!! just give me some options, pleeeeeeeeease

Ashley: I understand however I must ask a few questions in order for me to check the best package that suits your needs.

You: Do you have prices for me based on what I told you or no?

Ashley: What are your favorite things that your current provider has to offer?

You: They including Encore and Cinemax for free along with 80 channels.

Ashley: Thank you for the information.

Ashley: To better assist you with our Internet plans, may I ask what do you usually do on the Internet?

Ashley: How are things coming along?

You: I need a speed of 100Mbps

Ashley: Will you find yourself downloading huge files, exploring media-rich websites and/or playing online games?

You: I have already told you that I need a speed of 100Mbps for internet only

Ashley: Sounds good! With our High-Speed Internet plans, you’ll be able to do your online activities faster than ever before!

Ashley: How many computers or gaming devices do you connect to the Internet? Are any of them laptops?

You: Ashley, what is your full Name?

Ashley: We are named under an alias for security reasons.

You: Well, I have just copied all our conversation because you are getting on my nerve. I don't have all day to chat. Get some me some options and prices, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

Ashley: I understand.

Ashley: I do apologize however I need and must ask you a few questions in order for me to find the best package that suits your needs.

You: This chat is just a waste of people's time. You guys are so bored in there have nothing to do, but waste people's time

Ashley: I do apologize for the inconvenience.

You: I will send this conversation to your corporate office and complain about this. This is ridiculous...

Ashley: One moment please as I get the best package that suits your needs.

You: I wasted half hour of my time chatting with you to no avail. You will also see this conversation on social network for the world to know. Good bye

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Xfinity. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Xfinity to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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