Just had the worst experience ever with this company and just became a customer less than 2 days ago after leaving AT&T! Was supposed to have an appointment on 1/3/13 to have our services set up and came to find out that our order was never entered into the system despite having a confirmation email.

They offered to overnight ship the equipment to us due to this error and we received the equipment on 1/4/13. Attempted to activate it and continually got an error message for the cable boxes. Live chatted with the most unhelpful agent who said I had to call the next morning due to a "software issue". I called tonight and spoke with an agent for 20 minutes only to be told that she couldn't help and I needed to be transferred to the "technical department".

40 minutes later this agent tells me again that he cannot help and I need to go through sales because it was their fault! BIG MISTAKE DOING BUSINESS WITH COMCAST! Had to pay $30 for the shipping by the way!!!!!! Are there any cable companies out there that value their customers?

I called Comcast later today like they said, asked to be transfered to sales like the guy I spoke with last night said.

I was told to "please hold while I transfer you" and then the call was disconnected on their end. I'm cancelling.

Monetary Loss: $145.

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to Elizabeth101 #1407786

Every self check out puts someone out of work. Lazy has nothing to do with it.

Do you get a discount when you use self check out at a store that has cashiers? Some might call that stupid or gullible.

to Elizabeth101 #1408132

Can you read? Are you too lazy to do so or just can't? He stated he didn't want to use self-checkouts because it takes jobs away from people.

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