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Beyond incredible the service my Mother DID NOT receive from this company! She tried to install their Cable TV service upon moving to Hobe Sound.

On 3 separate confirmed appts for them to come out and install, NOBODY SHOWED UP, NOBODY CALLED ON 3 OCCASIONS. That is a total of 12 hours over 3 separate days that she sat and waited for them. After MUCH time on phone with them, appears the problem was that her phone number had not been entered in the right place, therefore the installers could not call to confirm she was waiting for them!!! She obviously called them 3 times to make this appt, and I cannot believe after the FIRST NO SHOW that Customer Service didnt review the install order to make sure her phone number was on it for them to call.

Several other customer service issues occured as well, but would take to long to continue explaining them. CANNOT BELIEVE THIS COMPANY IS STILL IN SERVICE!

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They are still in business because the law implies they can't possibly go out of business. Their 'competition' is that you can switch companies by moving to a different city that is covered by another company that can't go out of business...

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