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We have their triple play (land line phone, internet and cable TV)

A week ago Saturday the internet "disappeared". On-line tech support could not locate the problem. They said they'd sent a tech teh following Wednesday. He came, he left. The problem was not fixed. He said it was "outside the house". He called in service that was "guaranteed" to fix the problem in 24 to 48 hours. we would not have to be home.

No fix by Friday afternoon. Five days with no internet. I called again. They had no record of the need for someone "outside" and insisted it had to be "inside". I am tech savy enough to check the Smart TVs and computer to show my networks were performing flawlessly. The problem was their equipment. Worse, their attempted fix then killed the cable TV to all sets. So now, now TV, no internet. They arranged a follow up visit by a tech for a time I was not going to be home, without consulting me. Luckily I called back. BTW, every time they re-set the modem, I never got a call back on my cellphone to check if worked.

Miserable service. Problems no one could explain. I thought AT&T Uverse was bad, but that was relatively painless in comparison. We will be going back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xfinity Internet Service.

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