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I am currently filing complaint regarding Comcast with FCC as my service was fraught with nearly constant issues with signal connections, Cloud problems (sharing Cloud space with another Comcast customer in another city from mine!), and attempts by Comcast to cover up problems when I finally had to file complaints outside of Comcast as I got nowhere attempting to work with Comcast. I had filed a complaint while I was still a customer with the Better Business Bureau that was kept open for over 4 months & should have been kept open longer but Comcast wears people down by their chronic inaction, duplicitness, & simply just using the fastest, cheapest response to deal with the customer so they can get back to their real business—-collecting as much money as possible-whether it is legal or not.

Comcast has an extensive lobbyist system and makes large political contributions, with the explicit goals of destroying net neutrality so they can throttle down connection speeds of their competitors (unless they want to PAY Comcast to have equal access) and give priority access of the Internet to their own business interests. They have or are in the process of destroying every State’s regulatory body that controls and regulates Cable companies because if there was ANY regulation, Comcast would have to conduct business ethically and consumers would have protection against predatory companies like Comcast. This is a warning to ANYONE thinking of signing up—the more successful Comcast is in knocking out regulations in your State, the LESS likely you will actually receive what you pay for; when there is a problem, that it will be actually addressed and fixed; or the less likely that you will be dealt with honestly or with dignity and respect.

You can also expect not only diminishing returns but also higher prices but because they have ALSO ensured they are the ONLY game in town for Cable in many communities, you will smile and like it. That is until people boycott this company and demand that there actually be regulatory agencies in every State for Cable companies so people will have some consumer protection instead of the situation we have today where the cards are ALL pretty much stacked AGAINST the consumer and ALL pretty much for Comcast & their ilk.

Review about: Xfinity Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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