I haven't owned a TV since 2005. Got tired of endless commercials. I have xfinity internet service at my apartment since July 2013, and the service is dismal. They messed up my account, and had to start a new one when one of their techs turned off my internet accidentally out of shear ignorance. Then it took them another 5 months to get their billing straightened out. Its been one problem after another. The latest is mind boggling.

Recently a friend told me about a TV show they though I would be interested in on TNT called "the last ship". I reminded them that they I don't have a TV, and they said I could watch it on the internet. So I went to the website, www dot tntdrama dot com slash the last ship (or something like that) and clicked on the first episode.

I watched the show which was interrupted by 4, commercial blocks that had 10 of them in a row each time. My ad blockers and spam blockers would not block them.

Fine. I got to watch the first show; but when I clicked on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th shows, (the only ones they had on the website), I got a pop up window telling me to log into my tv service provider. I don't have Xfinity TV. I don't own a TV..

Come to find out, Xfinity wants me to subscribe to their web based tv service to watch a tv show on an internet website, thus increasing my monthly bill. This just to watch 4, 1 hour shows.

Now mind you, I watch more than 6 hours of you tube every week, plus various streaming video from local and national news sites without being asked to subscribe to a tv service thru Xfinity, so why do they want me to do so for TNT?

This is just pure greed, plain and simple. And I believe a breach of contract. if its on a website and I have my bill paid, I should be able to go to any site and watch what is there, except for those the government has blocked.

I paid for Internet access to ALL sites, not just the ones Xfinity approves of.

Review about: Xfinity Commercial.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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Direct tv i had them for a uear. Made big mistake.

Uckin lied to me abount programs got hit went back to comcast. Screwed out of 240 dollars in going to go to direct tv {{REDACTED}} thouse ***


Cable channels such as TNT make their money in 2 ways - advertising and fees from cable/satellite providers. They are not going to provide you free access to their content.

It costs them money either to produce or purchase the rights to TV shows and movies. All cable and satellite providers require in their contract with the channels that they either limit or offer no free content.

Why would ANYONE buy cable or satellite if you could go online and get it all for free directly from the channels' websites? Ergo, why would the cable/satellite companies pay the channel to include in their subscription offerings to customers?


Why are you complaining about xfinity when it's TNT that requires the login from one of its affiliates? It's common with just about every major network that offers streaming through their website. If you don't have a cable or service provider that carries TNT, then you don't get to use their website streaming.

And if xfinity automatically came up without their main menu listing hundreds of other providers, their website simply detected your ISP and tried to make things easier for you.

Basically, the website are reserved for suckers who pay a monthly cable or satellite bill.


Maybe the problem is that you are using Internet Explorer. Or maybe TNT has an agreement with xfinity?

Because TNT is a TV Network, Xfinity sees that as you pretty much watch TV, even though you are on a computer. So they charge you to watch it.

I found it quickly by a google search. Search Xfinity anf Access online TV Through Partner Websites.

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