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Last year when my bill went up I called Comcast to see how I could get it lower.I talked to a rep who told me if I would agree to stay with them for the next 8 years I would only have to pay 92.40 a month. Well that worked for several months and then the bill went up....
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Xfinity Triple Play Bundle
I didn't like
  • Being lied to for years
18 When I called Xfinity and explained about my contract , I was told my bundle rate did not go up. My equipment is what went up. So much for an honest representation of what you are signing up for. When asked about canceling because of my disgust with the company, I...
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Welcome on Board.You may expect an 'up-nudge' two to three times per year - it's always to improve your service, hahaha.I look at my poor reception as a Blessing - yea, I get ...

Xfinity Triple Play Bundle